Tofu is really rich in protein and calcium. Whereas, paneer can be easily made at home by curdling milk, preparation of tofu is not as simple. A 100 g of paneer has 265 calories whereas tofu on the other hand has only 62 calories making it an ideal weight loss food. Read more about 6 healthy reasons to eat more palak paneer. We can saute crushed paneer or Tofu So if we consider the taste then paneer is more preferable than tofu. It is low in calories and high in vitamins and proteins with high iron content, as well. • Tofu is also called bean curd or soya curd. It is a versatile food product that is used commonly across the Indian subcontinent to make premium food recipes considered at par with non-vegetarian dishes. Seriously, it's pretty incredible. Tofu, which is also called bean curd, has less amount of calcium as compared to paneer, and so paneer beats tofu in terms of calcium content. Both paneer and tofu are rich sources of calories, with the scales tipping a … Tofu has higher carbohydrate content than paneer which is estimated to be almost double the amount. Tempeh is brown in color, and dry to touch. Top Tips For Making Tofu Paneer. By appearance, tofu and paneer have a significant number of similarities, which makes people to be confused whether they are consuming tofu or paneer. They do not taste same. We Indians love paneer and it is the most widely consumed dairy product in India. All rights reserved. Again, just as the originality is different, their fat contents and other nutrients also vary from each other. Paneer, also called Indian cheese, is a type of cheese that is soft and sold as fresh. Anyhow, I decided to put my newfound knowledge of tofu and my recent affinity for spinach together, and I ended up with a mean vegan saag paneer. As compared with tofu, paneer is high in calories. It can be easily made at home though it is also readily available in the markets. Consumption of paneer in moderation is advisable over completely shunning it. @media (max-width:1171px){.sidead300{margin-left:-20px}} Obtained from soybeans, it can be added to lots of popular meals in place of meat, and often tastes just as good. Here we discuss the various difference between tofu and paneer in terms of nutritional value such iron, protein, fat content, carbohydrate, and calorie content, which one is better for health. As per nutritional aspects doctors also prescribe tofu for speedy recovery. Although avoiding paneer completely would not be feasible due its other health benefits like high protein and calcium content. Price comparison: Though soy milk is very expensive in India. A 100 g serving of paneer has 265 calories whereas tofu has only 62 calories for the same amount. • Tofu is a soy cheese whereas Paneer is a milk cheese. With tofu, it can vary from being soft to firm. Filed Under: Food Tagged With: Paneer, Tofu. Women with severe menopause symptoms more likely to experience sexual dysfunction. Tofu Versus Paneer: Which One Would You Pick? Most popular health and wellness website in India in 2012 at the Website of the year awards. Their nutrition content is almost similar except for the protein content and a few minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium. Both are suitable for post-gym sessions and have proven to … For years, paneer (cottage cheese) has grabbed all the attention as far as vegetarians are concerned. A 100 gram serving of paneer has 265 calories, while tofu just has 62 calories. Calories – A 100gm serving of tofu has 62 calories and the same quantity of paneer is loaded with 265 calories. I was really … Difference Between Cottage Cheese and Cheddar Cheese, Difference Between Coronavirus and Cold Symptoms, Difference Between Coronavirus and Influenza, Difference Between Coronavirus and Covid 19, Difference Between Promyelocyte and Myelocyte, Difference Between Factoring and Invoice Discounting, Difference Between Public Corporation and Sole Proprietorship, Difference Between Oppression and Suppression, Difference Between Oxirane Glycidyl and Epoxy Groups, Difference Between Filgrastim and Lenograstim, Difference Between Parallel and Antiparallel Beta Pleated Sheets, Difference Between Sodium Citrate and Citric Acid, Difference Between Hypersil and Inertsil Column. • Paneer is high on fat, whereas fat content in tofu is quite low. Tofu is easily available in the market nowadays and you can try making a tofu stir fry. 5. • Tofu has more health benefits than Paneer as it is low on calorie count while being high on proteins.